Children are eligible to travel on the bus if they are more than 3.2km from school.

If your child is going on a different bus or if they do not usually travel by bus, please communicate with both the school and the bus driver to make sure a seat is available for them to travel safely.

To prevent the driver being distracted, children’s behaviour should be respectful. Any reports of unacceptable behaviour will be investigated immediately by the Principal and parents may be contacted.

Serious or reoccurring misbehaviour on the bus may result in a child being unable to use the bus for a number of days.

If you are a new parent to the school and you think your child may be eligible for bus transportation please ask for a bus form from the office.

For pupils to use the bus a ‘School Transport: Application for Assistance’ form needs to be completed by the caregiver and school.  

Children may need to be transported to the closest bus stop.

If your child will be absent or not travelling by  bus please contact:

Becks bus run          Pauline Huddleston ( 4473481 )

Matakanui bus run Tania Turner           (4473505)