YEAR 7 AND 8's


Once a fortnight Year 7 and 8 students Technology at The Terrace School. Over the 2 year programme they cover fabrics and food and nutrition twice, Plastics, Wood, Metal and Electronics.


Every year the Year 5- 8 students go on camp. They challenge themselves physically and emotionally to go out of their comfort zone and to collaborate with a range of different people and try new activities.

Aims of Camp: The aims of the camp come in three main areas


● Foster teamwork

● Develop leadership

● Developing communication skills in a new environment


● Develop independence

● Develop self-esteem

● Self confidence

● Growing and developing resilience



● Living together and caring for ourselves, safety in the outdoors

Physical Education:

● Walking

● Team Building activities

● Mountain biking

● Rock climbing

● Orienteering

● Swimming

● Recreational activities