We believe teachers are the most important feature of a successful education system.

At Omakau School teachers will:

  • Believe that every student can improve.

  • Inquire into the impact of their teaching on their students.

  • Set high expectations for students to raise standards.

  • Improve access for students to support and external expertise as required.

  • Provide safe learning environments for risk taking and focused goal setting.

  • Be supported by ongoing targeted professional development.

Principal/Tumuaki Adelle Banks - principal@omakau.school.nz

Papa - Year 0-1 Trina Armstrong - trina.armstrong@omakau.school.nz

Awa - Year 2- 4 Maddy Ainsley - maddy.ainsley@omakau.school.nz

Rangi - Year 5-8 Wanda Jaggard - wanda.jaggard@omakau.school.nz

Additional Teaching Staff

Specialist Teacher Marg Taylor - - marg.taylor@omakau.school.nz

Learning Support Coordinator Lisa Nevill - lnevill@dunstancol.school.nz

Support Staff

Office Manager Angela Goodwin - office@omakau.school.nz

Learning Assistants Katy McConnell, Jo Jefferies, Honey Naylor, Pauline Huddleston

Caretaker Adam Rubie